Benefits of Ylang ylang

Still called “Philippine Ylang-ylang”, “Borneo Ilang-Ilang”, “Fragrant Canang”, or spelled “Ilang-ilang”, this plant, from which an essential oil is extracted by distillation from the ripe flowers, has unsuspected therapeutic virtues.

Rich in ester and linalool, the main properties of Ylang-ylang essential oil are calming, sedative, antispasmodic, stimulating, hypotensive, relaxing and finally, bradycardia.
In aromatherapy, it is indicated for various things:

– anxiety,
– sleep disorders,
– high blood pressure,
– Calming painful periods,
– Respiratory spasms
– ENT disorders,
– Soothing muscular, joint and dental pain, – Certain benign heart problems.

Thus, to relieve rheumatism, oedemas, heavy legs, cellulites, varicose veins, digestive disorders, neuralgia etc… ilang-ilang essential oil has no more secrets.
Used in cosmetics, ylang-ylang oil invigorates the skin cells (tired, oily and dull skin) and revitalizes dull hair.

In addition to the properties attributed to Filipino ylang-ylang essence, it also stimulates intellectual and sexual activity.